Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Useful Websites

Websites provide a range of advice for professionals on emotional health and wellbeing. Below are some links for you to visit.

A picture of a family

A picture of a family

  • Sunrise Wellbeing: Sunrise Wellbeing is an external service providing therapeutic support, interventions, workshops, counselling and psychotherapy for children, young people and adults. For further information visit their website.

Sunrise Wellbeing *Please note costs may be attached.

  • Anna Freud - National Centre for Children and Families: The Anna Freud Centre provide a range of information for early years professionals on a range of topics, including an A-Z guide on the common difficulties in early years, support on working with families facing challenges, more resources and videos providing expert advice and guidance.
  • Child bereavement UK: Elephant's tea party provides fun resources to help early years staff equip their children with coping skills for bereavement.
  • Happy Maps: On this page you can find a range of resources for children aged 0-5 (pre-schoolers), including advice, guidance and signposting on topics such as behaviour problems, anxiety, ADHD and more.
  • The Early Years Sector has played a huge role in supporting children with their emotional and physical wellbeing during some very challenging times. Find out about more resources to help children in your setting at this website.

Trauma Informed Practice

  • Tier 1 flyer Tier 1 flyer (PDF, 309 Kb)

    The research around childhood adversity and trauma and the potential impact of
    trauma including on behaviours.

  • Tier 2a flyer Tier 2a flyer (PDF, 314 Kb)

    Building on the learning from Tier 1, working towards becoming trauma informed and responsive practice.

Trauma Informed Practice

Please see the above information regarding free training for professionals working with children and their families. There are many dates available for both sessions.

Our mental health contributes to our overall health and wellbeing and it is therefore important that we support children develop their emotional health and wellbeing skills. Understanding our mental health and learning how we can support it is beneficial because good mental health supports:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved moods
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reduced risks of suffering from long term mental health issues such as clinical depression and more

Supporting children from a young age to understand, develop and look after their emotional health and wellbeing is important so that they can grow and achieve into adulthood.

For more information on Trauma Informed Practice and the work taking place locally to strengthen our systems response to childhood trauma and adversity in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, please click on the Violence Reduction Network website.

The Healthy Tots programme has been developed to support your early years setting in teaching your children about emotional health and wellbeing, so why not sign up here now?

Training and Learning

Please see attached information about training and learning opportunities for Emotional Health and Wellbeing.