What this looks like in practice

  • The setting consulted with staff and families to develop the policy and they are familiar with what it includes.
  • The setting shares and discusses the food policy with families when their children start and it is clearly displayed in the setting.
  • The food policy is reviewed at least once a year to monitor its progress and evaluate its impact.
  • The food policy is used to support other aspects of the children's learning, and the setting uses food in activities with the children.
  • The setting liaises with families about the timing of meals and snacks and how these fit with routines at home.
  • Families are informed of what their children have eaten while they are at the setting.
  • Families have the opportunity to give feedback about the meals and snacks on offer.
  • Children's voices are listened to when we are planning menus.
  • Families are encouraged to attend food events and breastfeeding is supported