Tots Events - July 2022

Here is where you will find all the exciting training that you can access whilst undertaking your Healthy Tots Programme journey! (Please note you can still access the training even if you are not doing your Healthy Tots Accreditation but we hope that you will do so at a time that is right for you!)

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School readiness and a holistic approach (wellbeing support for children, staff and parents)

Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2023, 17:30 - 19:00

Venue: Book on here

Price: Free

This session focuses on a 'whole setting approach' to school readiness and the skills and developmental stages children are expected to be secured in. We reflect on the pandemic and how this has impacted our children, families and staff. It is important to support children through a holistic approach understanding all areas of their lives and their lived experience up to this point. This workshop provides strategies of how to assist children in developing their own emotional toolkit which is individualised based on their own needs, to help them to feel 'holistically school ready' and to support staff wellbeing through this journey.


Leicestershire County Council's Early Years Inclusion and Childcare Service provides further training and development opportunities.

To access this training please visit here