Understanding & Managing Difficult Emotions

Understanding & Managing Difficult Emotions

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Understanding & Managing Difficult Emotions

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021, 09:30 - 13:00

Venue: Online Via Zoom

Understanding and Managing Difficult Emotions

We all experience a number of emotions every day in different situations. But for some, the really big, difficult emotions such as; worry, anger, fear, sadness & anxiety can feel overwhelming. In order to regulate these emotions, we must be able to firstly notice when we are having an emotional reaction, to be able to recognise what the emotion is, to express it in a healthy way and to manage the emotion in a way to bring calm. This training provides you with the knowledge and skills to be able to support children with learning this important life skill and offers fun, mindful strategies for you to incorporate into your own setting.

This training assists attendees to:

  • Understand difficult emotions and how are they linked to our survival response (Fight, Flight, Freeze & Disassociation)
  • Gain knowledge around the difference between worry & anxiety
  • Develop an awareness of the emotions connected to loss and grief
  • Understand the cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviour and how to change this cycle
  • Learn mindfulness grounding practices to support yourself and others

Learning Outcomes:

  • Take part in fun, engaging learning activities
  • Gain helpful advice and guidance
  • Share good practice with others
  • Come away with plenty of resources and ideas
  • Be able to apply strategies within your own settings


There is a cancellation fee (£25.00) for any place which is cancelled within five working days of the session without extenuating circumstances and if the place cannot be filled.