Three core themes - Healthy eating, Emotional health and wellbeing, Physical activity

Three core themes

Healthy eating

This will ensure appropriate nutritious food and drink is provided throughout the day in your child's early years setting, whilst making sure that snack/meal times become positive social experiences. Settings will encourage staff to sit and eat with children during mealtimes but also support parents/carers to continue to follow this at home.

Emotional health and wellbeing

Our Healthy Tots settings will aim to help all children to understand and express their feelings whilst building their self confidence and emotional strength. Staff and children will report feeling safe and secure in their settings, whilst parents/ carers will feel consulted and included in all aspects of their child's early years experience.

Physical activity

Children will be provided with a range of opportunities to be physically active and will be encouraged to see physical activity as a part of their everyday life as well as understanding how it can help them be healthier.

Settings will ensure all children are able to take part in activities and all achievements will be celebrated. Settings will be encouraged to make the most of local facilities and also to encourage parents/carers to promote physical activity at home.