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School Readiness for Professionals

Leicestershire Children and Families Partnership is committed to ensuring that every child gets the best start in life and is supported to be ready for school.* Ready to learn, enjoy meeting new friends and make the most of the new experiences school offers. Children who are ready for school have a greater chance of future success and unlocking their potential. Early years providers, schools, families and 0-5 services all have a shared responsibility to ensure that each individual child is ready to continue their learning journey as they enter school. We need to ensure that those children who may need additional support are identified and supported early.

During autumn 2017 a consultation was launched to support developing a shared view of school readiness across Leicestershire. Leicestershire's shared view of school readiness is based on the multifaceted nature of school readiness presented in the UNICEF paper School Readiness. A Conceptual Framework (2012) and has been informed by the responses from this consultation.

The attached materials have been developed for all those working with children 0-5 to support working together for a child ready, family ready, school ready community.

  • A shared understanding across Leicestershire – a booklet for professionals
  • Ready for school? – a leaflet for families

All families with a child due to start school in autumn 2019 will receive a 'Ready for school?' leaflet in the Autumn Term 2018 from Public Health alongside the 'applying for a school place' letter.

An electronic toolkit is currently being developed for both early years providers and schools to support good practice. These will be launched at the Early Learning and Childcare Service 'The Big Conference' in March 2019.

A communication package to support promoting school readiness will be available shortly.

Look out for the campaign webpage

We hope all partners will promote and support Leicestershire's shared view of school readiness

*when a child begins the reception year in primary school