Progress in Physical Development for Toddlers

Progress in Physical Development for Toddlers

This is what toddlers may be able to do at different age stages. This isn't a definitive list of development milestones, as babies develop at their own rate and in their own ways.

8 - 20 months

16 - 24 months

22 - 36 months

Walk around furniture lifting one foot and stepping sideways (cruising), and walk with one or both hands held by an adult

Walk upstairs holding your hand

Run safely on their whole foot

Take their first few steps independently

Come downstairs backwards on their knees (crawling)

Squat with steadiness to rest or play with object on the ground, and rise to their feet using their hands

Pass toys from one hand to another

Begin to balance blocks to build a small tower

Climb confidently and begin to pull themselves up on nursery play climbing equipment

Hold an object in each hand and bring them together in the middle, eg, hold two blocks and bang them together.

Kick a large ball

Walk upstairs or downstairs holding onto a rail two feet to a step

Begin to use three fingers (tripod grip) to hold writing tools.