Progress in physical development in babies

Progress in physical development in babies

This is what babies may be able to do at different age stages. This isn't a definitive list of development milestones, as babies develop at their own rate and in their own ways. If babies don't do any of the below, they may need a little more time.

0 - 3 months

3 - 6 months

6 - 12 months

raise their head momentarily while they’re on their tummy

hold their chest up when they’re
on their tummy so they take the weight on their forearms

roll from back to tummy

move their arms and legs but not control them

sit momentarily leaning on their hands

move from lying to sitting and
from sitting to lying

see an adult’s face and follow it with their eyes

pivot on their tummy

move around in their own way
- belly crawling (forwards or
backwards), rolling, crawling,
bottom shuffling

react to sounds.

roll from their tummy to their back

sit unaided

play with their toes

pull themselves upright and
stand holding onto furniture

hold an object for a few moments

may walk holding onto furniture

reach out for objects.

may stand momentarily or start
walking (first steps shaky and
bumps likely)

let go of objects either by
dropping them or giving them
to an adult

pass an object from one hand
to the other

poke and point with index finger

clasp hands together on
midline of body, (eg, clapping
or bangs toys together on

Did you know…

Babies that have freedom to explore gravity on the floor - before they stand up - develop good balance and stability. They are then far safer and less likely to have accidents when they are an upright toddler.