Practical ideas & suitable resources for each age group

Practical ideas & suitable resources for each age group

These pages will provide you with a variety of tried and tested practical ideas to help encourage babies and young children to be more active.

We have grouped the under-5s into three groups:


Non walkers divided into approximate months (0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months)


Walking up to about age 3 years


Age 3-5

Please note that these ages are just a guide. The speed of physical development is influenced by many factors, and while most children follow a fairly similar pattern, there is a wide variability in the age at which various skills may be achieved. You are best placed to choose the most suitable activities for each child's stage of development.

You only need to raise any concerns with a child's parents if they're unable to do several movement skills much later than most of their peers. Naturally, you'll need to discuss your concerns sensitively.

Did you know…

Movement play is very important for all children – including babies. By helping your baby learn to control their body and move well, you are helping their brain and body to develop, helping them learn to feel safe, and showing them that they are loved. Babies, Brains and Balance