Physical activity criteria

Physical activity criteria

It is well documented that higher levels of physical activity in childhood can lead to continued participation in later life. It is important to establish high levels of physical activity as early as possible to encourage children to stay active enough to benefit their health and to support continued interest and participation throughout adult life. Physical literacy is as important to a child's education and development as numeracy and literacy.

Early years settings have a crucial role to play in encouraging active lifestyles and providing environments that enable participation in positive and rewarding activities that stimulate children to learn new skills and enjoy being active.

Children can be encouraged and supported by practitioners/ parents/ carers and each other to try a range of different physical activities. This will not only encourage children to learn to love being active but also help them achieve their daily physical activity requirements for health and well-being and benefit their wider development too. In addition to the health benefits for children from participation in physical activity there are secondary benefits related to improved learning and educational achievements.

The examples below illustrate some of the Physical Activity outcomes that a setting might achieve as a result of attaining Healthy Tots Status.

  • There is an increase in the number of children and parents/carers who walk, pedal/scoot to the setting under safe conditions .
  • There is an increase in the number of children participating in physical activity in the setting and at home.
  • Children, parents/carers and staff know and understand the health benefits of physical activity.
  • Children understand how physical activity contributes to their healthy lifestyles.
  • Parents/carers say that they are doing more physical activity with their children.
  • Children say that they have learned to incorporate physical activity into their everyday lives.

The pages below will offer you support when working towards your Leicestershire Healthy Tots status. However you will also find additional information on the Physical Activity pages.