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About Healthy Tots

About healthy Tots

About Healthy Tots

The Leicestershire Healthy Tots Programme is designed using the National Healthy Schools framework and is adapted for early years settings. It will help you to meet Ofsted requirements, especially in relation to your setting's contribution to children's wellbeing.

We know that healthy children become healthy adults!

Research has demonstrated that good health habits developed in early years are likely to continue into adulthood.

The programme therefore aims to provide support to early years settings to enable them to:

  • Support young children in making healthier choices
  • Develop a framework for planning, delivering and evaluating health promotion, which is in line with the early years foundation stage
  • Enable all children to develop healthy lifestyles regardless of age, disability, ethnic origin, faith, gender, language, sexuality, social class or special needs
  • Support children and their parents in developing healthy behaviours at home
  • Develop staff confidence and competence in relation to health promotion
  • Develop links with parents, the wider community and other agencies.

The ‘whole setting’ approach underpins the Leicestershire Healthy Tots Programme.

Healthy Tots recognises that being healthy is not just about children, it’s about the whole setting community. It’s not just about the activities that take place at intervals during the day but about adopting a holistic approach to health, which addresses many different elements of provision - from leadership and management, to culture and environment.

Having signed up to the Leicestershire Healthy Tots programme, one of your first steps could be to set up a task group involving staff and parents.

The resources section includes a directory of websites and supporting organisations.

If you have any questions about the programme or would like advice on any aspect of Healthy Tots, then please contact us.

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