Developing a Physical Activity Policy

Developing a physical activity policy

A successful physical activity policy is one that is written in consultation with parents/ carers alongside listening where possible to the children in your care. It is often helpful to establish a group to develop the policy. In the group you can invite parents/ carers and appropriate members of staff that have an interest in physical activity.

You may have a lot of unwritten rules around physical activity. By formulating them into a policy ensures that everyone is aware of your setting's approach to physical activity and will provide information to parents/ carers and staff about this. Everyone will be working towards the same goals.

The policy will need to make reference to other relevant policies you have e.g. Health & Safety and will need monitoring and reviewing regularly in line with your other policies.

Auditing your physical activity provision

An audit will help you identify any gaps in your physical activity provision, enabling you to put into place some positive steps and key development areas that will help you to meet your objectives. It will also help you to complete your physical activity policy. An audit will in particular help you to:

  • identify what opportunities children have to be active
  • utilise appropriate equipment to promote being physically active
  • identify sedentary periods during the day, which can be reduced to increase physically active opportunities
  • increase the number of bouts of physical activity each day

Physical activity checklist

When planning early years physical activity the checklist below will be a useful starting point. This checklist is intended to help you to identify where possible changes can be made in your setting. It is not expected that you will be able to tick yes to all of the options straight away.

Place: Is the environment suitable for physical activity and does the setting have suitable equipment?

People: Is physical activity promoted and encouraged by all staff and are staff confident and capable in delivering activities?