Developing a food policy

Developing a food policy

To develop a successful food and nutrition policy it's important to consult with parents/carers and the children in your care, where possible. It can be helpful to create a group made up of parents/carers, your cook and other appropriate members of staff, to work on the policy together.

You may already have a number of unwritten rules around food and eating. Creating a policy that includes these ensures that everyone is aware of the approach you take towards food. It will also help provide information to parents/carers and staff.

A policy will also help ensure that if parent/carers send food in with their children that it complies with your guidance.

The policy will need monitoring and reviewing regularly in line with other policies that you have.

Allergies and Parental Preference

Your policy can be where you offer guidance about allergies we would recommend that it is good practice to ask if the food choice they are requesting is;

  • Parental Preference and not under a medical professional
  • Allergy and a copy of the diet sheet is supplied

If this is part of your Healthy Eating Policy, you can tell parent/cares that they MUST supply their child's diet sheet or a note from their GP /health professional and inform them that is for you records only. You can reassure them that you will try and honour any parental preferences where you can however to create a more inclusive Healthy Eating Environment you will be take the best approach possible.