Birth - 11 months

Birth - 11 months

Making relationships

  • I can show you that I like you talking to me by moving my arms and legs, making my eyes bigger and opening and closing my mouth.
  • I like to be with other babies and grown-ups. I look at faces and move my arms and legs to show that I like to be with them.
  • I look at faces and can copy movements you make with your face, like sticking out my tongue, opening and closing my mouth or making my eyes bigger.
  • I can show you that I am interested in what you are doing by looking at and watching you.
  • I can show that I like you to hold me or cuddle me by snuggling up to you, smiling, looking at your face or stroking you.

Self-confidence and self-awareness

  • I laugh and gurgle to tell you that I like being tickled or lifted up.
  • I can use my voice or look at you to get your attention and tell you that I want you to be with me.
  • Give me one of my favourite toys, the packet of wipes or a clean nappy to hold when you're changing me.
  • Tickle my feet.
  • Let me see you face and hear your voice when I am grumpy tired or hungry.

Managing feelings and behaviour

  • I like to see grown ups' faces and hear their voices when I am feeling upset, worried, tired or hungry.
  • I snuggle into grown-ups that I know when I am feeling upset, worried or tired.
  • When I am feeling upset, I like you to hold me, rock me, speak to me or sing to me quietly and calmly.
  • I can show you that I am happy, worried or excited by the noises that I make, by opening and closing my eyes or the way I move my arms and legs.
  • I can show you that I know how other people are feeling by smiling back at a grown up when they smile at me and becoming upset when I hear another child crying.