Become a Healthy Tots Setting

Become a Healthy Tots Setting

How does it work?

Achieving Healthy Tots status is about creating a culture and environment that promotes health and well-being. It focuses on, healthy eating, emotional health well-being and physical activity.

The first step to becoming a Healthy Tots setting is to contact the Health Improvement Practitioners within the Public Health Team at Leicestershire County Council. We can talk about your interest in the programme and explain some of the processes and standards required to meet the Healthy Tots criteria. Alternatively you can use our sign up form to get in contact with us.


As part of the process you'll need to put together a portfolio of evidence for each of the following themes:


Evidence can be presented in the following formats;

  • One folder that contains three sections for each of the themes
  • Three separate folders for each of themes
  • A Scrapbook
  • Electronic files

The evidence you gather can be made up from:

Written information

  • meeting notes,
  • policy documents,
  • pictures/photos,
  • case studies,
  • early learning goals planning,
  • learning journeys,
  • letters from parents

Verbal information

  • direct from staff
  • children
  • parents or carers


  • photographs,
  • witness statements
  • a tour of the setting

Please can you make sure you number your evidence with where you feel it fits. Once piece of evidence can represent more than one criteria areas.