Bag Books

Bag Books

The purpose of bag books is to develop attention and listening skills, confidence and social interaction through joining in active storytelling. They are a way of storytelling using a bag of props, puppets or pictures to tell a story rather than a book.

The adult has a 'script' in their head and tells the story to the children. The aim is for all the children in the group to join in the story by: Giving them a role in the story for example by

giving them a toy animal and asking them to listen out for that animal in the story, them make the animal noise or do an action with the animal

Encourage each child in a group, to join in each stage of the story by passing around props/puppets so they can repeat the words or action modelled by the adult.

As the story progresses, children are encouraged to:

  • Listen
  • Take turns
  • Use their senses to touch, smell, see and listen to the story
  • Respond to the words or actions of the story at their own level