Babble Back

Babble Back

The more you talk to a baby and children, the more you enable them to become a good talker and a confident, happy child.

Out and about or in the setting:

  • Talk about what's around you
  • Stop and look at what the children are interested in
  • Listen to and talk about the sounds around you
  • Look at the words and numbers in the environment
  • Talk about what you see when you are out and about with the children
  • Talk about what you are doing
  • Talk about what the child is looking at for example, the lights, the colours
  • Let the children help in everyday setting routines

Meal times

  • Talk to the children during eating
  • Encourage the children to talk about their day
  • Let the children help you to prepare the food or set the table

Daily routines

  • Talk with children while you help them put their coats and shoes on for example, "arms in"
  • Talk or sing rhymes during routines for example brushing teeth, putting on shoes, washing hands

Top Tips

  • Follow the child's lead.
  • Make sure you use lots of comments and fewer questions.
  • Give choices to increase vocabulary for example 'satsumas or apples'.
  • Use daily routines to repeat and emphasise basic language.
  • Listen carefully to children and give them time to finish.
  • If the child says something incorrectly say it back the right way for example "Goggy bited it." "Yes the dog bit it, didn't he."