About Us

About Us

The Leicestershire Healthy Tots Programme (LHTP) is a Healthy Early Years Award, funded by Public Health which supports and recognises achievements in child health, wellbeing and development in early years.

It is delivered by Health Improvement Practitioners within the Public Health Team at Leicestershire County Council.

Building on the success of the Leicestershire Healthy Schools Programme LHTP will help to reduce health inequalities by supporting a healthy start to life across themes that include healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health & wellbeing.

LHTP complements and enhances the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage framework, adding to the focus on children, families and staff health and wellbeing.

Achieving Healthy Tots status - can be used to improve and support practice in all Early Years settings:

  • private, voluntary and independent nurseries
  • children's centres
  • childminders
  • Early Years in schools including schools with two-year old provision
  • nursery schools
  • crèches and playgroups

The programme is a whole setting approach which includes managers, children, parents/carers and the community. It will help you to meet Ofsted requirements, especially in relation to how your setting contributes to children's wellbeing.

Healthy children become healthy adults!

Research has shown that good health habits developed in early years are likely to carry on into adulthood.

The programme aims to provide support to early years settings so that they can:

  • support young children in making healthier choices
  • develop a framework for planning, delivering and evaluating health promotion, which is in line with the early years foundation stage
  • enable all children to develop healthy lifestyles regardless of age, disability, ethnic origin, faith, gender, language, sexuality, social class or special needs
  • support children and their parents in developing healthy behaviours at home
  • develop staff confidence and competence in relation to health promotion
  • develop links with parents, the wider community and other agencies

The whole setting approach

Healthy Tots recognises that being healthy is not just about children, it's about the whole setting community. It's not just about the activities that take place throughout the day, but about adopting a rounded approach to health. This approach addresses lots of different parts of provision, from leadership and management, to culture and environment


The most effective way of improving health in this age group is to take a whole-setting approach, engaging children, staff, parents, carers and the wider community.

In Healthy Early Years settings and at home, children will be supported to:

  • eat a healthy lunch and healthy snacks
  • drink plenty of water, not fizzy drinks
  • wheel, walk, scoot, cycle to the setting with their parents/carers
  • wheel, play, run, skip and jump outdoors and in the park
  • have plenty of tummy time
  • have plenty of sleep

Getting support from the team

You'll find lots of advice and support here on our website, but if you'd like to get in touch with us you can do so using our contact details.