8 - 20 months

8 - 20 months

Making relationships

  • I can use noises, words, pointing or touch to start a conversation with you.
  • I am beginning to make friends with special grown-ups.
  • I am quiet or can get worried when I meet new grown-ups for the first time.
  • I need help from a grown up that I know when I am playing with children or visiting a new place for the first time.
  • I like to watch what my friends are doing.
  • Share photos of special grown-ups with me.
  • Let me meet special grown-ups. Tell me their names

Self-confidence and self-awareness

  • I like to find my nose, eyes or tummy when you play games or sing songs like 'Round and round the garden'.
  • I know that when I make different noises and sounds with my voice you will help me or play with me.
  • I can use pointing or looking to tell you what I want or need.
  • Let me look in a mirror. Point to me and tell me that it's me in the mirror.
  • Point to my nose, arms and legs and tell me what they are.

Managing feelings and behaviour

  • I will go to a grown up that I know when I am feeling excited, happy, tired or cross.
  • I may have a special comforter and will use it when I am feeling tired or upset.
  • I will let a grown up that I know wash me, change my nappy or get me dressed.
  • Let me get my comforter or special toy when I'm feeling sad or tired.
  • I am beginning to understand that when you say "yes" I can do or have something and when you say "no" I have to stop doing something or can't have something.