30 - 50 months

30 - 50 months

Making relationships

  • I can play in a group with my friends. I can make up ideas for things to do and games to play
  • Let me build things with my friends using big cardboard boxes and pieces of fabric.
  • I will ask my friends to play with me.
  • I can watch what my friends are doing and join in with them.
  • I talk to and make friends with other children and grown-ups I know.

Self-confidence and self-awareness

  • I like it when you say things like "well done for eating all your dinner" or "thank you for putting the toys away".
  • I choose the toys I want to play with and what I want to do with them with help from a grown up.
  • Let me help you match the socks together
  • I like helping you when you are busy, like putting some shopping away or matching my socks together.
  • I am beginning to talk to grown-ups I don't know when you are there. I will join in new things when you are with me.
  • When we are playing, I will chat to my friends about you and our family.
  • I can ask grown-ups for help when I need it.

Managing feelings and behaviour

  • I know when I am sad or cross and that if I shout or say unkind things I might make my friends sad or worried too. Let me dress up and pretend to be a nurse, doctor, firefighter, mum or dad.
  • Explain to me why I cannot do things like run around the supermarket.
  • I know that sometimes my friends will want to have the toys I am playing with and need help from a grown up to help me share these with them.
  • I am beginning to understand that when you are busy I can't always have everything I want, when I want it.
  • I know that sometimes I can't do things I want to do, like running around in the supermarket or jumping up and down on your friend's sofa with my muddy boots on