22 - 36 months

22 - 36 months

Making relationships

  • I watch what other children are doing before I join in with them.
  • I will go to grown-ups I know when I want a cuddle, when I am upset and /or when I am excited.
  • I am beginning to make friends.
  • Make dens from sheets and blankets that I can play in with you or my friends.

Self-confidence and self-awareness

  • I can show you what I want to play with, eat and/or wear.
  • I can say "goodbye" to you when I have a grown-up I know to help me.
  • Make a box with different things in it, like glue and different types of paper that I can choose from when I'm making a picture or model from boxes.

Managing feelings and behaviour

  • Sometimes I choose to play with toys I like to stop me from feeling upset.
  • I will go to a grown-up I know when I'm feeling sad, scared or worried.
  • I will do or say something when someone I know looks sad, cross, scared or worried.
  • I know that if I take my friend's toy or shout at them they might get upset or cross.
  • I will give my friend a hug if they are upset.
  • I can sometimes stop myself from doing something that I know I shouldn't do.
  • I can follow simple routines to help me do things by myself.
  • If you tell me what to do, rather than "no" I am able to do it.
  • Talk to me about the order I need to do things in, like brushing my teeth or getting ready for bed.