16 - 26 months

16 - 26 months

Making relationships

  • I like to play next to other children.
  • I can go and play by myself or with other children but when I am feeling tired, worried or upset I will find a grown up that I know.
  • I can play turn taking games, like rolling a ball back and forth, with a grown up.
  • Play copying games with me, like using the same metal spoon as I've got to make the same noise that I'm making on the fence.

Self-confidence and self-awareness

  • I can go and play with new toys by myself but like to find a grown up that I know when I need them.
  • I am beginning to use my toys to pretend they are something else, such as pretending my teddy is a baby.
  • I try to do things for myself, such as putting my boots on, and will tell you "no" if you try to help me.
  • Share photos or videos of me doing things and talk with me about what I'm doing.
  • Use my dolls or teddies to show me how to pretend to look after a baby or use my cars to show me how to pretend to go on a journey. Talk to me about the things you are using and what you are doing with them.

Managing feelings and behaviour

  • I will know which toys are mine, which toys are my friends and that sometimes I have to share toys with my friends.
  • I look worried if I hear someone I know crying or happy and excited if I hear a grown up that I know.
  • Sometimes I will get cross when I want to do things for myself and I can't do them.
  • Sometimes, when you tell me what to do, rather than "no" I am able to do it.
  • Let me help you to share out the sandwiches and fruit onto plates, so that everyone has something to eat.